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As a Blog about sports training and athletic varsity sports, we are dedicated to providing only reliable and honest information to our readers and strive to bring discussions into the sporting communities. Suppose you have the same passion and love for athletic sports in Canada and have impeccable varsity sports and training knowledge. In that case, you may be eligible to write insightful articles for our blog.

As we are all about informing the public and fans of the sport, you will need to produce reliable, honest, and insightful work for us for consideration. With the number of sports available throughout Canada, there is no doubt that knowledgeable fans of varsity sports are willing to write insightful articles on sports and athletics.

If you believe you are eligible to write insightful articles for this blog, contact us and find out how to apply for a writing job with this blog. We are looking for writers who can help spread the love and passion for sport in the varsity communities in university with passionate yet insightful information.

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You will need to prove your ability through examination and other tests of knowledge on sports in Canada and writing skills. We require all our readers to have experience writing for different blogs and have qualifications in language studies.

To become a candidate writer for our blog, you must prove your experience through documentation and an examination language test. You will need to come up with insightful topics for all our categories of sport and be able to evoke an interest in the sport for anybody who is not.

Contact us to find out more about how you could be eligible to write for us about sports available throughout Canada and the popularity of varsity sports. You should have experience in sports tainting and be able to advise our readers on how to train for various sports disciplines in athletics.